Wren’s Nest

A mysterious disaster leaves Wren McDaniel alone struggling to survive. Can she build a new life? Or is this the end?

Chapters: You can find the Table of Contents here.

Wren’s Nest Family Tree: See an up to date version here.

Reader Participation: Occasionally I provide opportunities for you, the readers, to get involved in this story. Find out more here.

Generation 1 Trailer: To celebrate the return of Wren’s Nest I made a trailer for Wren and Generation 1.

***This story is based on the Apocalypse Challenge.***

I adapted the rules myself for Sims 4. Pinstar has created his own adaptation, so to respect the work of the original creator of the challenge, I won’t be publishing my own rules. To give you an idea of how my version compares to the Pinstar Apocalypse Challenge, I’ll just say that my version is even more complicated. It has more restrictions in place at the beginning similar to the versions of the challenge that exist for Sims 2 & 3.

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